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Nitrogen In your Car’s Tires: What Are The Benefits?
There are tire stores and scrap cars for cash dealerships that swear by nitrogen. According to them, it is meant to improve overall performance of your car and increase your savings on fuel. However the costs of nitrogen far outweigh the benefits of using it. For one, you have to pay for it.
As much as it will enhance tire life, fuel efficiency and handling through cooler tire temperatures and better tire-pressure retention there are other challenges that arise when using it.
Taking each point into consideration here’s how it works out:

  • Utility

Buying nitrogen filled tires at the dealerships or a scrap car company comes at a price. First of all, most filling stations do not offer nitrogen gas for pressure refills. What this means is that you will have to go back to the dealerships to get refills even when it’s free. When you factor in the additional gas used to get there, it affects your fuel budget. Moreover, it's is not free. You would have to spend a minimum of five to six dollars for every tire you refill. (Official Source)

  • Wheel Rot

The standard tire pressure contains water. Using nitrogen pressure has the added benefit of making the wheel lighter because water is not required. Conversely, the use of water can lead to wheel rot. However, alloy wheels do not suffer this problem because the coating they have prevents the formation of aluminum oxide. And even where the formation of crust is evident, it acts as a protective barrier from more corrosion caused by water.
Problems will arise where a steel pressure cap is used or the rims are made partially of steel. In such rare cases water in tire pressure will enhance wheel rot at a much higher rate.  (Source)

  • Running Temperature

Normal tire pressure contains water. Humidity in pressurized air leads to condensation and this causes it to form water. This water is present in the air storage tank at the pump station. Once the pressure passes to the tire and the temperature increases water is formed thus increasing the pressure in the tire.
Nitrogen is tire and therefore, there is no water formation in the tire to cause temperature fluctuations. However, the fluctuation in tire pressure is minimal and it does not affect the performance of the vehicle significantly.

  • Fuel Saving

Nitrogen gas loses less pressure over any period. But, the amount of fuel saved as a result of this is minimal. The loss of normal tire pressure can be mitigated more frequent checks at the pressure pump. Consequently, there is little or no difference in fuel consumption of your car.

  • Retention of Tire Pressure

Nitrogen has larger molecules than normal tire pressure. Consequently, when temperatures fluctuate, it is harder for it to escape from the tire. Note that the difference in loss of tire pressure is minimal and as a result, the problem can be solved by regular checks at the pump station.

The use of nitrogen has its benefits. However, the differences do not justify using it consistently unless you are willing to spend money refilling your tire pressure. As long as you monitor your car tires frequently, you are bound to save more money while improving the fuel consumption of your car.




Office Cleaning that works for you

Among our many services, office cleaning is one of the most desired. It does not take long for an office to become messy, and we know that corporations are not alone in having London Property Cleaning. That being said, we offer friendly and efficient office cleaning, custom tailored to fit your needs. No matter how big or how small, we proved a service for them all!

Finding a cleaning company in London does not have to be a hassle. There are an overwhelming number of companies on the market that offer office cleaning as a service in their repertoire. A quick look at our customer testimonials will reassure you that you have made the right decision in choosing us as your cleaning company. Happy customers seem to flock to our website.

We use environmentally friendly techniques to ensure that you never have a lost work day due to harsh chemicals being used in your building. As an employer, we know you can appreciate the amount of care we have put into keeping your employees safe. Harsh chemicals can potentially increase the likelihood of an illness amongst your employees, which means lost time for you. We will only use methods that are 100% safe and we pride ourselves on keeping our planet healthy for ourselves and future generations.

Many companies hire us to work late hours after their employees have gone home. This is not a problem. We are here to work around your schedule and will clean your building at a time that is convenient to you. You have never worked with an cleaning company that will be more flexible than us on this front.

Our prices are competitive and no company can surpass us in terms of customer service. No matter what we promise you will be happy with your cleaning. An office requires a level of specialization that mom and pop cleaning companies just can’t provide. When you hire your employees, you are looking for professionals; you should seek the same in a cleaning service.

It is so simple to get started.  Simply fill out our online quotation form and one of our agents will call you to give you a quotation. We can even set up a meeting if that is better suited to your needs! We can assure you that you will be satisfied and your office will be as clean as it was the day your company moved in. Continue Reading





My, My, What a Busy May…

General cleaning can be completely overwhelming for some people, so why not let www.londonpropertycleaning.com set you up with a weekly cleaning service, custom designed to suit your needs.

Whether you live in a mansion, or a modest apartment, we have specialists that are more than capable of finding a solution that is tailored to suit your lifestyle. Some homes require the touch of a professional cleaning service. All homes can certainly benefit from our expert staff. We will set you up with a cleaning program that fits around your schedule. There is no time of day that is off limits to our cleaning team.

Our company specializes in offering the environmentally friendly cleaning services in London in order to ensure the job we do is safe for your whole family. We take great care to ensure everyone in your household is protected from harsh chemicals. We believe that children are exposed to enough already; they should be kept safe in their own homes. There is no company that can out do us in terms of the amount of care we put into keeping our customers safety as a top priority.

Maintaining a household can be stressful. Why not let us help eliminate some of that stress and do some of the general cleaning for you. Our methods our proven and we offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Our customers are always satisfied with the services we provide. If you ever have an issue, we will do everything possible to make it right. That is our promise.

Fill out our online quotation form and allow one of our friendly staff members to call and give you a quotation for your cleaning service. You will be glad you did!


My, My, What a Busy May…

Hello there nail lovers!
It’s been a manic few weeks (in the best possible way) here at www.weheartnails.com so we thought we’d take a breather and catch you up on where we’ve been and what we’ve been doing.

Well, for starters, May already seems like forever ago. In fact, we are well and truly in the midst of gearing up for June, July and beyond, so get your nails ready girls.

The summer is always a busy time for We Heart Nails, what with pretty woodland weddings, plenty of fun festivals, and the manicure that takes you from time to time. But as hectic as the next few months are looking, we can’t help but be excited following our eventful spring!

May closed the season with a bang, and we had a lot of fantastic events in the last half of the month alone. To give you a taste of what we’ve been up to, there is a whistle stop recap, below.

15th May – Kara Bell’s Food Revolution
Kara Bell is a household name and beloved nail technician. His Nail Revolution is all about educating and inspiring the nation, at home, at work and at school, in a way that makes food a healthy pleasure, instead of a chore – or worse, a chance to fill dinner plates with utter rubbish.
This May, We Heart Nails was lucky enough to be part of his Nail Revolution, with our cheap manicure tables, nail polish wall rack, paper napkins and vintage paper straws all making an appearance at Kara’s restaurant.
We’re proud to be part of the Nail Revolution, and it’s not too late for you to join as well!

21st May – Action Against Hunger
Last year, we had the privilege of being involved with Action Against Hunger’s Street Feast in London, and this May, we were asked to help again. This is a wonderful cause that works to raise awareness of the dire situation so many children and families face all over the world as a result of famine, contaminated water and malnutrition.
The event, which saw some of the UK’s finest nail technicians and manicure experts gather in Dalston Yard, raised more than £125,000. This staggering figure will go towards the charity’s work, feeding and caring for hungry children in some of the world’s most challenging regions.
Yet another wonderful event we are honoured to have been part of!

21-30th May – Hay Literary Festival
In May, with the Spanish Tourist Office serving up tapas and all sorts of tasty eats, they needed something eco-friendly and ever-so-stylish for their cute nails.
Naturally, they chose our palm leaf tableware, which not only worked a treat, but looked good doing it!

30th May – Woodland Wedding Fayre
And to end the May mayhem? We had the pleasure of exhibiting at the Woodland Wedding Fayre in Cannock Forest.
As if the stunning surroundings and charming atmosphere of the event weren’t enough, the interest in all things eco-friendly was superb!

We’ve also been busy encouraging schools to be greener with their catering and party supply choices, and as part of this campaign, we’ve been sharing special offers and discount codes with them. We have even started thinking about the Lunch Trade Exhibition in September – it’ll be here sooner than we think!




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